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Quality Management

Quality Management

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The Company strives to build a quality assurance system covering the whole life cycle of products such as design and development, supplier management, process control, online inspection, final delivery inspection and service system. 

Based on ISO9001 and IATF16949, according to the requirements of the performance model, the Company has set up standards, realized gradual improvement, and finally reached the excellent quality system level, realizing the transformation from quality management to quality operation.

Relying on first-class products, first-class quality and first-class service, taking quality as life, always regarding quality as the only thing that cannot be compromised, the Company has formed a distinctive quality culture.

We have a complete set of physical and chemical test equipment, including tensile machine, impact test machine, spectrometer, chemical analyzer, metallographic analyzer, etc., which can meet the requirements for control of incoming materials. 

Ultrasonic detector

Impact testing machine

Germany mahr profilometer

Hexagon scanning CMM

Thickness gauge

Crystal image inspection


1、 Cryogenic valves
In the process, we introduced Hexagon scanning CMM, Germany mahr profilometer, digital image meter, portable automatic X-ray flaw detector and other high-precision measuring equipment to ensure the detectable accuracy within 0.01MM. 
For product performance, we introduce advanced special equipment for high and low temperature cycle test, helium leak detection, vibration test, universal testing machine, ultra-low temperature test, etc., for factory inspection of products in strict accordance with requirements of relevant certificates of special equipment, with the factory pass rate of 100%.

Digital image meter

Coloring flaw detection inspection

Vibration test equipment


2、Hydrogen valve
In the process, we introduce HYDROSYS aerator, MAXIMATOE water press, 50Mpa water pressure circulation equipment, 110Mpa gas circulation equipment, shell bursting tester, insulation tester, coil turn tester, multi-meter, hydrogen leak detector, helium mass spectrometer, Germany Mahr profilometer, digital image meter and other high-precision measurement equipment to ensure quality reliability.

For product performance, we introduce advanced testing and inspection equipment for factory inspection in strict accordance with requirements of relevant certificates of special equipment, with the factory pass rate of 100%.

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